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Introducing Module Gallery

Published: 31 Dec 2014

What better way to kick off a new year than with a little project!

Introducing Module Gallery! It’s a simple front-end pattern library.

There’s a wonderful world of style guides that I’ve been digging for a little while now. I’ve recently used Pattern Lab on a big project and it worked amazing to kick things off and keep things moving during development. However, as the project is getting ready to launch, I knew Pattern Lab was not going to be the go-forward solution for quickly grabbing snippets of HTML for modules and maintaining that HTML.

So, with Pattern Primer by Jeremy Keith as a good starting point, I put my own together. Nothing earth-shattering here. I needed a way to show modules/patterns and variations of them without making the page crazy long, so I went with a tabbed approach and used .json files to supply the meta data about the HTML snippets. Otherwise it’s just one PHP file, a couple JS plugins, a stylesheet, and HTML snippets.

Get the details on the github page.

Enjoy! And happy new year!

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